Sunday, February 19, 2017

My swan song ...

I promised a picture of my gift for the new grandmother shower I attended this weekend ... and here it  is! The gift wrapping contest centered around a theme ~ swans, baby, crowns, and roses ... and colors ~ turquoise, pink, coral, mint green and gold.

The challenge was on!

I knew I wanted to incorporate a swan in my gift wrap design ... so off to the antique mall I headed with hubby in tow. Why, you ask. It's the whole hunter~gatherer thing. I give that man something to look for and he will find it! He is focused, diligent, and determined to hunt it down. So, we split up. He went his way and I went mine ... he was on a mission and he knew I would slow him down.

Me { i.e., the gatherer }, on the other hand, strolled down each aisle of the antique mall completely distracted from my task at hand. "Ohh...look at that!" Booth after booth had trinkets, treasures, and shiny things! "I need this!" I gathered up a vintage silver Christmas tree topper, a beautiful old crystal rosary, and buttons.

After an hour, we met up. My husband, the proud hunter, had captured his prey. His trophies ~ lined up at the check-out counter ~ included four beautiful vintage swans!

"Where's yours?," he asked.
But he knew ...
"I found a tree topper."
He just shook his head.

One of his swans, trimmed with gold accents, was a plant container. Someone had written on the bottom of it ~ the swan had been a wedding gift for a couple in 1947. And it was perfect!

I added a tiny gold-glittered crown ... and tied ribbon and a vintage pink crystal chain around the swan's neck. I mounted her on a lidded round box that I painted gold and, of course, glittered. I tucked a small gift inside the swan ... and the rest of the gift went inside the box.


But ...
I would be completely remiss if I didn't share the prize-winning shower gift created by my fabulous friend, Susan! It was absolutely gorgeous ... trimmed with all kinds of embellishments, lace, feathers, millinery, and buttons!

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Sandra Feazel said...

Cindy was a smart hostess to have a gift wrap challenge! It was so fun to see all the creations! Yours was swoon worthy! That swan with her crown! And the little gold box with it's gorgeous bow tucked inside!!! It was and will be a treasured part of my granbaby's room at Noni's house! You truly out did yourself! You and Suzie have some incredible creative skills!