Friday, October 11, 2013

She runs with scissors...

Found this GINORMOUS pair of scissors while out junkin' today!
I bet you're wondering...
"What is she planning to do with 2-foot long scissors?!"
I'm wondering the exact same thing.
But aren't they fun?!!
I think they'll look fabulous hanging in my studio.
And if I ever open a brick-and-mortar,
I'll be prepared to "cut the ribbon" at my grand opening!
; )
Hey...a girl can dream!
Happy Weekend!
♥ Vicki


ZanySandy said...

now that is a big pair of scissors - i wonder if that settles the rocks/papers/scissors score LOL :)

Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Ha, ha!! Thanks for making me smile, Sandy!
Happy Weekend! Vicki

peggy said...

Yours are very nice. I have a pair of scissors which are quite longer, my Dad and Mom used them when they put up wallpaper (in the thirties). I guess they are called a "pair" because of two blades????

Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Wow, Peggy! I can't imagine actually using a pair of scissors that BIG! How nice that you still have them!