Friday, October 14, 2011

Ho, ho, ho!

Look who I ran into today!
I was out junkin’ ... and stopped the car when I saw this 
HUGE vintage Santa sitting by the side of the road. 
{I’m a sucker for Santa!}

“How much is he,” I asked.
“Twenty-five cents” was the reply.
“Twenty-five CENTS?!!”
When she saw my incredulous face, she amended her offer ... “Okay, 50 cents?”
“I’ll take him for a quarter,” I sheepishly responded.

I plopped him in the front passenger seat ... and we headed home.
You should have seen the strange looks I received!
Then ... thinking about how silly I must look made me giggle!
And that, my friends, was worth every cent I paid for Santa!!

Hope you have a happy day ... and weekend, too!

♥ Vicki


Anonymous said...

loving the Santa....and the

Ellie's Country Accents said...

Your Santa is great. I would have enjoyed seeing all the looks. Great for a giggle.

patty said...

ah america! nothing is 25 or even 50 cents in japan!!! awesome santa! smiling about your story.

patty said...

ah america! nothing in japan is 25or even 50 cents! smiling about your story.