Monday, August 29, 2011

Witch Theodora

Witch Theodora is lost and looking for eBay!

♥ Vicki

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mathilda & Milo

Mathilda & Milo are catting around on eBay!

♥ Vicki


Are you ready for Fall?
I am ... and so is Presley, my newest creation! 
(You'll find her hanging out on my selling blog!)

Hope your day is filled-to-the-brim with fun!!

♥ Vicki

Monday, August 15, 2011

Double Trouble!

Double, double...toil and trouble!
Witch Trick and Witch Treat have stomped off to eBay!!

♥ Vicki

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's OK!

We drove to Oklahoma last weekend in an attempt to escape the Texas heat.
Unfortunately, it was as hot there as it is here!
We stayed in a charming cabin in the woods ... and had fun anyway!!
It’s always nice to get away...

...except, we almost didn’t.
We were all set to leave on a blisteringly HOT Friday afternoon.
We drove to Fort Worth to pick up our eldest child and, naturally, we forgot a couple of things.
So ... we turned the car around and headed home.
We weren’t gone an hour when we pulled up in front of our house ... 
and things went from bad to worse!

I screeched! “What’s that?!”
My husband calmly asked, “What’s what?”
“That ... in the driveway!”
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Perhaps it was a mirage!
Yes, that’s what it had to be ... except it wasn’t!

There were 2 GINORMOUS pallets of roofing shingles stacked one on top of the other in front of our garage!!
They didn’t belong to us. (We’d had our roof replaced a few years ago thanks to a hail storm.)
We had absolutely no idea where they came from or to whom they belonged.
There was no paperwork, no bill of lading, nothing, nada, zip attached to the pallets.
We were frantic! 
We were already behind schedule ... and we just wanted to hit the road.
What to do?! 
We didn’t want someone replacing our roof while we were gone.
And we didn’t want to give up our vacation and stay at home waiting on the roofing company to show up. We had no idea when that might be.
We attempted to begin moving the shingles out of our driveway ... but there were hundreds of bundles!
Each bundle weighed more than 70 pounds ... and we were working in 110 degree heat!
It didn't take us long to realize that that wasn’t such a good idea!
Plan B ... my husband began knocking on doors in our neighborhood in an attempt to find out if anyone was having their roof replaced.
After several minutes, he came home with the news that the roofing pallets belonged to the neighbors who lived two doors down!
Whew!! You can’t imagine our relief!
Our neighbors promised to call the roofing company to have the shingles removed from our property and we FINALLY left on our, at this point, much-needed vacation!

All's well that ends well...

♥ Vicki

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ding, dong...

There I was, working on a special request, 
and minding my own business, when...

I don't know how it happened, 
but it's not pretty!

Oh, well...
at least her Louboutin's weren't damaged!

♥ Vicki