Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's the weekend...

...time to party!

Witch Zelma is attending a Halloween 
soirée on eBay!

As for me, one of my favorite weekend pastimes is going to estate sales.
I'm always in search of old ... vintage ... antique-y goodies!
I never know what little trinket or bauble will inspire my creativity ...
it could be something as simple as a button!

I adore buttons!!
I found these at an estate sale last night.

Vintage buttons are my weakness!

 I can sit for hours sifting and sorting through a pile of old buttons

They have a history ... they have a story.
Decorative or functional, they were once attached to a garment ... they had a purpose.
And someone, long ago, removed them from a garment with the thought that they would be re-purposed.

That's my job ... re-purposing these pretties!
That is, if I can bear to part with them...
(I wonder if there is a button-holics anonymous?)

Enjoy your weekend!!

♥ Vicki

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ReDquEenS said...

Great find Vicki! Buttons seem to be a weakness of mine also! Zelma is perfect!!