Friday, December 17, 2010

Secret Ingredient

I baked cookies yesterday.
Tollhouse and snickerdoodles ... yummy!

My husband came home from work,
grabbed a couple of freshly-baked snickerdoodles,
proceeded to read the day's mail {which included Christmas cards}.

I mentioned that he had glitter on his face.
He held up a snickerdoodle and said,
"Do you put glitter in these?!"

{When I stopped rolling on the floor laughing} I assured him that I don't, typically, use glitter when baking!
The glitter was from my sister's Christmas card!

I hope you laugh out loud today!!  : )
♥ Vicki


Daph said...

Your little fellas are so fresh and cute!!

Ladybug said...

LOL LOL..... Enjoy the Post

Merry Christmas !!!:_)

Sew Many Raggedies said...

Vicki, your cookies turned out amazing! You've inspired me to bake something. Have a Merry Christmas.