Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love the beach!

I'm home from a vacation in Myrtle Beach (Murrell's Inlet), South Carolina! What an incredible week!! It was a family reunion that included my family, both of my siblings, their families, and my mom (it was no easy feat to get all of us in one place at the same time as we live in 4 different states  -  Texas, Nevada, Florida, and Georgia!). There were 15 of us ... and we stayed in a lovely beachfront home!

The home lived up to it's name .... "Stress Relief" !

The beach was in our backyard. We were mere steps away from the ocean!  Bliss!!

The view was incredible!

Early birds (me!) enjoyed spectacular sunrises each morning!

We played lots of cards and games ... had a movie night complete with cute red and white boxes filled with popcorn ... participated (as teams) in a scavenger hunt ... played with sparklers on the beach at night ... and enjoyed a Vegas night!

I've decided I want her job!

Each family was responsible for the preparation of one meal. My husand and I chose spaghetti. Easy, right? Wrong!! We found out we couldn't even boil water! It took well over an hour for the pot to boil (whoever said, "a watched pot never boils", was right on the money!!). How humiliating ... and to think I majored in Home Economics in college! The shame!!  I'm turning in my apron! :::sigh:::  And next time, we're ordering take-out!

It was a week filled with laughter, fun, and lots of happy memories!

Wishing you warm summer memories, too!

♥ Vicki

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