Friday, April 2, 2010

Let them eat cake!

We celebrated Nick's birthday last night! He loved the cake!!

The "popcorn" is actually miniature marshmallows. It looked so realistic!

We combined Nick's love of movies and guitars to create his birthday theme this year. Popcorn boxes were stuffed with white paper shred and boxes of theater candy. His gifts were wrapped with guitar-themed paper.

I made "Nick" bars when he graduated from high school. A 21st birthday is reason enough to make them again! (They are actually Snickers candy bars! I just covered the letters I didn't want to show ... and, voila, instant "Nick" bars!)

Have a sweet day!

♥ Vicki
Cake by Amy's Cakery. Thanks, rock!


Denni said...

That is an amazing cake!!! Your so creative and talented!!

Anonymous said...

Great party theme! I love the cake! Enjoy your Easter Vicki!