Wednesday, April 14, 2010


...and fun!!
I received the most incredible delivery today from my friend, Sue!
(You know it is going to be incredible when it's packed
in a styrofoam container with dry ice!!)
Sue has to be one of the most talented...thoughtful...sweetest...kindest
(I could go on and on and on...)
women in the world!
She is aware of my penchant for leopard print ...
and she also knows that I will be "celebrating" a milestone birthday
(we won't go there ... yet) next month.
So ...
sweet Sue sent me this ...

A leopard cheesecake!!
Is that not the most fabulously decadent dessert you've ever seen?!
I don't know whether to eat it or wear it! I may do both!!

It's absolutely over-the-top ...

out-of-this-world ...


I have leopard shoes, slippers, sweaters, coasters, readers, hats, scarves, gloves, a throw, a broom, and even tissues!! You already know about the jammies and I'm not mentioning the unmentionables!!
(Okay, okay ... maybe I need a support group! Or perhaps I should live in a zoo!)
But never in my life have I experienced a leopard cheesecake with a chocolate graham cracker crust and fudge icing!!
Talk about celebrating a birthday in style!

This baby is going in the freezer until next month ... when I will need to console myself with chocolate!!

Thank you...

from the bottom of my ...

for making me feel so special!


♥ Vicki


Denni said...

That looks so good but yet to pretty to eat. What a sweetheart of a friend!! Happy soon to be birthday ;). I'm hitting the big 30 in June and I don't like it one bit. I laughed with hubby and told him I think I was prego all of my 20's.

Engelhouse said...

That cake looks so yummy! When should I come over and have a piece? :>)emily

Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Denni - You're just a "baby"!! : ) Life gets better and better with age! It does ... I promise!

Emily - Next month! Come over next month and you can have a piece of cake!! I'd love to share it with you!

Hugs, Vicki ♥

Anonymous said...

Delicious! It looks absolutely amazing and soooo mouth watering! And I would love to be 30 again! have a wonderful day!


Sue said...

Hi, Vicki:

Thank you for the kind words. The cheesecake does look yummy!! Eat a piece for me.

auntdeedee said...

OH my!!! That now only looks gorgeous in leopard print....but looks absolutely YUMMY!!!!