Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My “baby” boy is 21! A manall grown up!!

When did this little guy ...

… become this handsome young man?

Nicholas is so much like me. (It’s actually a little scary!)
He’s also kind,

a worrier,
and a perfectionist.

His passions are movies, guitars, music and Christmas.

Over the years, the themes of his birthday cakes have changed. I still remember
the Sesame Street cake...
the Power Rangers cake...
the Lion King cake...
the pirate ship cake...
the Sponge Bob cake...
the Pink Floyd cake...
the guitar cake…

He’ll be home from college in a couple of days to celebrate with us...and eat cake!

Until then...Happy Birthday, Nick!

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living
my baby you'll be."

~ Robert Munsch

♥ Vicki


Denni said...

your such a sweet mom. They do grow up so fast!! I want to see your cute pirate ship cake. My oldest son is a pirate lover.

Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Thank you, Denni! They do grow up way too fast!!

I'll have to try and dig out the pirate cake picture. That was a really fun birthday!! The invitations were treasure maps sealed in bottles!

Happy Memories! Vicki

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nick!

So much fun to watch them grow up and then when they are finally there we crave the little things again! I miss watching Sesame Street and playing Candy Land. Well Vicki, there will always be grandchildren! ; )

....And my absolute favorite children's book ..."I Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch! I give that book as gifts to new Mom's all the time. makes me cry everytime I read it!

Have a great time celebrating the precious gift you are blessed with Vicki!